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Our Culinary Journey

A Father - Daughter culinary story comes full circle

Tangra's Daughter started with the idea of fulfilling a father's legacy. Chef-Partner Peter Lo and his team founded Tangra Masala, a small storefront that sits in the busy street on Grand Ave in Elmhurst, NY. Rooted from the streets of Kolkata, India, this was where the deep flavors of Indo-Chinese cuisine came to be. As more New Yorkers discovered this new sector of Chinese cuisine, Tangra Asian Fusion, a 250 seat banquet size restaurant, opened in Sunnyside, NY. People from all over world tasted popular dishes like our deep fried, Lollypop Chicken, accompanied with our homemade Lollypop Sauce. Other fan favorites include Chilli Fish & Manchurian Fried Rice. Believing that her father's recipes needed to be expanded to more than just New York, Joycelyn Lo made the decision to bring the exquisite flavors of both Tangra Masala and Tangra Asian Fusion to Houston, TX. With Tangra's Daughter in Missouri City, we hope you enjoy our beautiful cuisine with its rich and deep historic roots.

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